About Author
Local Family Physician, way too long separated from my passion for music, composing, and performing. After some 15 years, I "woke up", cleaned the dust off of my beloved Gibson Les Paul DeLuxe 1976, and composed a song, "If we could learn from children". Few years later, after another period of hibernation, forced upon by professional responsibilities, "woke up" again, hungry for more music....I was blessed by meeting Scott E. Nowak, local, yet world class guitar player, producer, recording engineer, who blessed me by agreeing to record the song...thus the first CD. The proceeds went, and are still going to charities, 50%, Chuck E. Baby to the breast cancer charities, and myself to local orthodox monastery. Few years later, another CD, "Then and now...", with two instrumentals, one old, very old, some 25 years, and one new, composed during a surge of emotions....I have not promoted this one due to lack of time, propaganda, connections, etc... proceeds are still going to my favorite charity....Chuck E. Baby, locally one of the best known performers, singers, musicians, honored me by inviting me to record a four song CD, "Crossroads", two songs each, again for the same charity causes....I hope you will enjoy the music